Extension of Sustainability
1. A Profit Approach Comparison between Tomato Grown under Organic and Inorganic Methods in a Typical Nigeria’s Soil

Hamza Babagiwa Aliyu; Muhammad R. Ja’afar-Furo

Volume 10, Issue 4 , Autumn 2020, , Pages 149-156

  The role of tomatoes as nutritive vegetable crop in the diet of most humans has been stressed or advanced by many scientists. This study therefore, assessed the profitability of tomato production using organic and inorganic fertilisers on a typical irrigated soil in Hong Local Government Area, Adamawa ...  Read More

Extension and Economic
2. Resource Use Efficiency Andmisery of Sweet Potato Production Window into Financial Surplus for Households in Delta State, Nigeria

Theophilus Miebi Gbigbi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , Spring 2019, , Pages 83-89

  This study was conceptualized to determine resource use efficiency and misery of sweet potato production window into financial surplus for farming households in Delta State, Nigeria. Multiple sampling technique was applied in picking the samples. One hundred and sixty (160) producers were erratically ...  Read More

Agricultural Education
3. Assessment of the Usage of Liquid Fertilizer Technology in Dry Season Vegetable Production in Nigeria

Ivie Loretta Olaghere; Olubunmi Omotesho

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Winter 2019, , Pages 55-63

  The use of liquid fertilizer as an alternate means of improving soil fertility has the possibility of increasing the quality and quantity of food crops. Specifically, this study was designed to examine the level of usage of liquid fertilizer among the dry season vegetable farmers; determine the intensity ...  Read More

Agricultural Extension
4. Knowledge Level of Rice Farmers Regarding Cultivation Practices In Mahanawiyah district, AL-Qadisiya Province, Iraq

Bassim H. Kshash

Volume 8, Issue 2 , Spring 2018, , Pages 71-78

  Productivity of most common Iraqi rice cultivar was low compared to an average production among major rice-producing countries, this  may be due to inadequacy of knowledge and skills of rice farmers about rice cultivation practices. The study was conducted in Mahanawiyah district of AL-Qadisiya ...  Read More

5. Effect of Urbanization on Agricultural Production in Abia State

Onwuchekwa Raphael Iheke; Ukandu Ihuoma

Volume 5, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, , Pages 83-89

  This study examined the effect of urbanization on agricultural production in Abia State. Specifically, it categorized the land tenancy status of the farmers, analyzed the effect of urbanization on agricultural productivity and identified the constraints to agricultural productivity. Multistage random ...  Read More

6. Analysis of Production and Marketing Constraints of Tomato among Rural Farmers in Talensi Nabdam District of Upper East Region of Ghana

Farida A; Fariya A

Volume 4, Issue 1 , Winter 2014, , Pages 57-60

  The study focused on the analysis of production and marketing constraints of tomato among rural farmers in Talensi Nabdam district of Upper East Region of Ghana.A total of 100 respondents were interviewed using questionnaire. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics to describe the socio economic ...  Read More

7. The Influence of Socio-Economic Variables of Farmers on their Choice of Cassava Varieties in Kogi State, Nigeria.

S. J. Ibitoye

Volume 1, Issue 4 , Autumn 2011, , Pages 185-193

  This study examined the influence of socioeconomic variables of farmers on their choice of cassava varieties in Kogi State of Nigeria. A total of 360 cassava farmers were selected through multi-stage random sampling procedure. Data collected through structured questionnaire were analyzed using descriptive ...  Read More