Department Agricultural Management, Shoushtar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shoushtar, Iran


The purpose of this study was analyzing the skill of Khoram Abad township wheat farmers regarding mechanization. This research was applied research and, based on methodology, was descriptive and correlative. Wheat farmers of Khoram Abad township, (N=18597) were considered as statistical population. Based on Krejcie and Morgan table, 377 ones were selected as sample. In this study, cluster random sampling was selected and, after confirming the validity of the study tool by expert panel, alpha Cronbach coefficient was used to determine the reliability of the study tool, and the resulted coefficients for all parts of the questionnaire was calculated upper than 0.7. Based on the results, level of skill regarding mechanization was determined to be average. In addition, stepwise regression indicated that social participation, level of education, participation in extension and educational classes, number of parts, and level of attitude, interactively explained %48 ( R2=0.48) of changes in dependent variable. [Namdar Sayadi. Analysis Mechanization Skill of Wheat Farmers in Khoram Abad Township, Iran. International Journal of Agricultural Science, Research and Technology in Extension and Education Systems, 2012; 2(4):187-190].


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