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1 University for Development Studies, Ghana

2 FACS/UDS Post Office Box TL 1882 Tamale, Ghana


The study investigated the constraints to farmers’ intention to pay for private irrigation in Nandom District, Ghana. Using a key informant interviews and semi-structured questionnaires, the study collected data from 236 farmers. Data was analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics. Kendall coefficient of concordance was used to determine the level of agreement among farmers in ranking of constraints. The study found financial constraint (low income) as the most important constraints to farmers’ readiness to pay for private irrigation. Other important constraints were lack of ready market for output, crop pest and diseases, unstable output price, costly private services, inadequate supply of complementary inputs and lack of credit services. We concluded that lack of ready market, unstable price for farm produce and lack of credit services jointly worsen farmer's finances and consequently constraint their ability to pay even under condition of perfect knowledge of the benefits that could accrue from the technology. This study recommends the implementation of the proposed private irrigation service but management of the service should incorporate an efficient value chain in the management of the service. 


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