Knowledge Level of Rice Farmers Regarding Cultivation Practices In Mahanawiyah district, AL-Qadisiya Province, Iraq

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Associate Professor, Agriculture College, Al-Qasim Green University, Babylon, Iraq


Productivity of most common Iraqi rice cultivar was low compared to an average production among major rice-producing countries, this  may be due to inadequacy of knowledge and skills of rice farmers about rice cultivation practices. The study was conducted in Mahanawiyah district of AL-Qadisiya Province in Iraq, to assess knowledge level of rice farmers about some rice cultivation practices .The study was conducted with 125 rice farmers selected through random sampling. A structured questionnaire and face-to-face interviews were used to collect data. The findings revealed that half of respondents had medium knowledge level about rice cultivation practices. The respondents have a high level of knowledge in aspect of land preparation and medium level in aspects of marketing, harvesting and post harvesting, fertilization, seed and seedling, and water management. Significant correlation was investigated between respondent’s knowledge and educational attainment, years of experience in rice cultivation and annual revenue from rice cultivation. There is a significant difference between knowledge level of respondents depending on these characteristics. For increasing rice production and productivity, improved and scientific rice cultivation practices should be diffused and application by rice farmers.


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