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Department of Agricultural Management, Mahabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mahabad, Iran


The general purpose of this descriptive-correlation study is to analysis the effective components on participation of villagers in implementation of watershed management projects in Mahabad Dam watershed. The data collection tool was a questionnaire. Validity and reliability of the questionnaire were confirmed. The statistical population of this study is supervisors of rural households that living in Mahabad catchment area (N = 2458). By using the Cochran formula 175 people were selected as simple size and randomized cluster sampling use as statistical sample method. The results of pearson correlation coefficient showed that there is a positive and significant relationship found between the viewpoint of respondents about participation in water management projects and economic, socio-cultural, managerial, official, educational and ecological components. Therefore, it can be stated that according to the content of each component, effective measures should be taken to strengthen each component and attract the participation of villagers in the implementation of watershed management projects. Also the amount of determination coefficient indicates that about 74.1 percent in the participation in the implementation of water management projects could determined by economic, socio-cultural, educational, managerial, official and ecological components


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