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Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Delta State University


The research explored factors affecting the consumption of frozen fish in Delta State Nigeria. One hundred and 20 participants from 12 communities were randomly chosen. In order to obtain information from the respondents, a questionnaire was used. The findings indicate that 57.5% of those surveyed were females with mean of 43years old. Around 64.2% of the respondents were married and 81.7% of them were educated. The average household size was around 5 people; 92.5% were Christian and they had a mean income of N72,499.5. The mean consumption expenditure of frozen fish was N11,899.95. The average frozen fish intake per capita was 10.38 kg /year. Beef is the principal substitute of frozen fish. Owing to health reasons, most preferred consumption of frozen fish. Religion did not impede consumption of frozen. Majority of the respondents preferred to consume frozen fish in smoked form. The result revealed that age, educational status, household size, income level, frozen fish prices and frozen fish substitute prices influence the consumption of frozen fish.. It is recommended price of frozen fish should be controlled to encourage its consumption considering the nutritional benefits.