1. How can Small Rural Businesses with Emphasis on Entrepreneurship be promoted?

Masoud Samian; Reza Movahedi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 61-65

  While promoting rural economic enterprises and businesses can contribute to create and strengthen entrepreneurship, this as a crucial strategy will accelerate rural development process. Through extending these businesses and strengthening entrepreneurship among rural people proper solutions can be found ...  Read More

2. Curricula Importance in Enhancing the Capabilities of Agriculture Extension Agents at the Field

Muhammad Israr; Nafees Ahmad; Dawood Jan; Tahir Ali Shah; M. M. Shafi; Noshad Khan

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 67-74

  Present study was conducted in the three provinces of Pakistan with the objectives to study the curricula relevancy with the participatory extension, supervision and administration and its practical applicability at the field level. For this extension agents of the selected provinces were selected purposively. ...  Read More

3. An Assessment of Agricultural Marketing Information System among Farmers Associations in Kano State, Nigeria

Hassan Ibrahim; Zhou Jing; Ibrahim Abdu; Mustapha Sanusi; Nafiu Bala Sanda

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 75-80

  This study was conducted based on primary data collected using a questionnaire. A total of 90 respondents among farmers associations were interviewed in Kano state of Nigeria. Therefore, double stage stratified and purposive simple random sampling technique was used to select 30 respondents in each of ...  Read More

4. Women and Vegetable Production in Abra, Philippines: Benefits and Challenges

Evangeline P. Agres; Leo G. Inocencio; Alma C. Aguinaldo

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 81-86

  There is limited literature on how to engage the rural women in agriculture and improve their contributions to household food security and income. This study aimed to contribute to literature on women engagement in agriculture through vegetable production using good agricultural practices. The empirical ...  Read More

5. Effect of Socio-Economic Characteristics on Food Security of Small Scale Farmers in Rawalpindi

Muhammad Furqan Mirza; Badar Naseem Siddiqui; Muhammad Hanif; Almas Jabeen; Ghazala Sadaf; Amina Nauman; Saba Shakeel; Maria Munawwar

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 87-91

  About half of the population in Pakistan is food insecure. The study focused the food secure population and the strategies for reducing poverty in district Rawalpindi. The study was carried out in district Rawalpindi in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Simple random sampling technique was used for this ...  Read More

6. Impact of Kampe Irrigation Dam on Farming Household Dietary Diversity in Kogi state, Nigeria

Babatunde R. O; Opeyemi G; Adenuga H. A; Olagunju F. I; Aminou A

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 93-100

  A diverse range of foods has been shown to increase energy and micronutrients intake in the developing countries. It is widely asserted in the literature and development circles that farm household access to irrigation dam can provide a significant improvement of household’s dietary diversity. ...  Read More

7. Factors Affecting on Development of Processing and Complementary Industries of Date Palm in Khouzestan Province

Azadeh N. Noorivandi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 101-105

  The purpose of this research was identifying factors affecting the development of processing and complementary industries of date palm in Khouzestan province. The method of research was causal comparative. The population of this research was managers in processing and complementary industries of date ...  Read More

8. Determinants of the Utilization of Healthcare Services among Farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria

Omoniwa A. E; Awoyemi T. T

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Summer 2013, Pages 106-113

  The main asset of farmers is their labour and the utilization of healthcare services will help to improve their health and thus productivity. Some of the problems inhibiting proper utilization of healthcare services in Nigeria include non-availability, inaccessibility and high cost of medical care. The ...  Read More