The International Journal of Agricultural Science, Research and Technology (IJASRT) in Extension and Education Systems, a new broad-base journal, is an open access journal that was founded on two key tents: to publish the most exciting research in all area of Agricultural Extension and Education. Secondly to provide the most rapid turn around time possible for reviewing and publishing, and to disseminate the article freely for teaching and reference purposes. All papers inIJASRT are peer-reviewed.

   The IJASRT is published quarterly at March, June, September and December. Papers are welcome reporting studies in all aspects of Agricultural Extension and Education including:

  • Agricultural Extension 
  • Agricultural  Education
  • Rural and  Agricultural  Sociology
  • Information Technology in Agriculture
  • Extension of Sustainability
  • Rural Woman Education
  • Rural Youth Education
  • Adult Education
  • Management in Extension Systems
  • Extension Planning